Historical Buildings

There are many historical buildings in the Natal Midlands, several of which date back to the 1880's. A number have been declared National Monuments including some well preserved Settler Churches.

Caversham Mill Tel: 072 125 3392
Caversham Press & Textiles (Old Chapel 1850)
Wed Open 9am – 12pm or Viewing  by appointment only
Tel: 083 305 2928
Nottingham Road Hotel Tel: 033 266 6151
Fort Nottingham Museum Tel: 033 266 6482

Open Thursday to Sunday & public holidays from 10h00 to 17h00 – Free entry
This fascinating museum is hidden inside an old fort, here you can see interesting exhibits of the early settlers that came to the Natal Midlands around 1856. Learn more about the fort, who built it, the purpose of it and take a guided tour around the fort where you will find out some fascinating facts. The fort was built so that soldiers could protect the settlers from the bushman and from the San raiding cattle. There are also displays of artefacts from the San bushman and more information about their way of life and their history in the Midlands. The Fort Nottingham Museum is brimming with the little town’s history and is worth a visit while here.