Enchanted Forest

The snow that fell at Bellwood in the winter of 2012 has resulted in a community of gnomes setting up home in the forest next to the access road.

Strange happenings have taken place, strange enough for us to christen the forest ‘The Enchanted Forest’.

There are some 10 gnomes living in toadstool houses and are all extremely friendly. So friendly are the gnomes that they have extended an open invitation to all children to see if they can find them, but look everywhere as they might be in the trees. To help them get around they have brought a Unicorn with them but he is very shy and takes some finding. Take a moment to listen for their wind chimes as they tinkle in the wind. The Gnomes have told us that the wearing of gum boots is essential to protect little ankles and feet. They will reward those children who are successful with a little treat.

So bring your little ones to Reception and collect some boots and a clipboard on which they can list the names of the Gnomes to be found.