Farm Life

No matter what season, there is always something to do at Bellwood and so much for children to investigate and explore.

The rowing boats on the dam offer hours of fun for children and adults alike. Enjoy the excitement of catching a trout for dinner. Bellwood is a working stud farm that has a large herd of Braford cattle, horses, ducks, indigenous bird life including some rare crane species and buck.


Wander through the beautiful old stable block and quadrangle built and designed on old English lines, which forms the centre of the Stud farm.  This is where Key of Destiny – the South African champion sprinter in 2004 was bred. Willy Messenger has retired from breeding thoroughbred race horses, however he still enjoys attending yearling sales and important events in the horse breeding calendar.


Bellwood’s farming activities include also an enviable herd of Braford Beef Cattle. One can amble over the fields and see the cows and their babies. Children love to see the calves and there is always great excitement when a calf is born.


A number of the paddocks are devoted to growing maize for cattle fodder which is mixed with molasses to form silage used to feed the cattle in the winter months. There is a resident pair of crown cranes that spend their time digging in the cultivated fields.


Our flock of Dutch Quaker ducks spend their days waddling around the dams and stables.  Like humans these ducks have personalities and their own little habits.  They talk to each other by quacking and have a strict pecking order.  See if you can pick the number one duck in the pecking order.

Wild Life

Take a walk under the canopy of beautiful pin oaks to the gates.  On the left the pine woodlands are teeming with wild life.  The shy duikers, bush and reed buck dart in amongst the pines.

Farm Pets

We love our farm dogs and for the most part they are very good around the animals. Kim, our doberman, thinks she is beautiful and likes to be the centre of attention. Max the bull terrier loves playing and being around people all the time. They enjoy roaming around the homestead and stables and enjoying being taken for runs to the gate.

Fully Stocked Dams

Fishermen love fishing in our two dams that are stocked annually with rainbow and brown trout. Life does not get much better than pulling out a big trout and putting it straight on the braai!


Spring is a special time but never more so than at Bellwood.  The avenues of ancient trees are shrugging off the winter gloom and bursting with delicate new growth. Baby calves are everywhere and one can see the can see fluffly yellow ducklings waddling around looking for puddles. The trees are dripping with weaver bird nests and all vegetation is bursting out in new growth.