Cath & Rudi

Rudi had moved back to the farm in Dalton and I was living and working in Durban, After a few drinks at a friends 30th, one of our mutual friends Cara and my sister Leigh hatched a plan that they were going to introduce the two of us. Thankfully they decided against the awkard blind date situation but decided to rather introduce us at a pub at Kings Park before a rugby game. Neither of us were completely aware of what was happening, we were just going to meet friends at the pub for a drink before the game! Needless to say we swapped numbers and never looked back! Just a few months into our relationship Rudi had a heart attack while playing rugby. This was the turning point in our relationship and we have been attached at the hip ever since!

Bellwood was an easy choice for us. We both grew up on farms, me in Notties and Rudi in Dalton so we wanted a wedding on a farm with the Notties feel about it but without the hassle of having it at home. Once we visited Bellwood and met the staff we had made up our minds and didn't even look anywhere else. Bellwood is just the most beautiful venue and the staff are outstanding. Thanks to Bellwood our dream wedding became a reality! All of our guests continue to talk about the wonderful venue, the atmosphere and how perfect the day was - THANK YOU!

Friday, 11 September 2015

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